Common Resume Mistakes

  1. Resume is too long. (Keep it brief & don’t write a novel.)
  2. Includes a photo of the applicant (not required unless you are applying for a job that requires the hiring manager to know how you look!).
  3. Uses an inappropriate email address – Example –
  4. Formatting is not consistent throughout the resume.
  5. Does not contain enough white space.
  6. Includes irrelevant information.


Someone once said that passion is the most important aspect in their life that keeps them going despite ups & downs in their career. When you love the work you do, it only helps bring in innovation & new ideas no matter whatever the challenges may be. But if you work only to earn money then it is going to lead to a tipping point when you will finally give up on it because you just do not love what you do.

The traditional thinking would be that one has to become an engineer or a doctor or a scientist or join a multinational company to earn big bucks……then why do we find some other folks within our own circle who have broken the traditional chain & chose to become artists, photographers, musicians, etc., & have become super successful & we still remain where we started (maybe a tad bit successful) & yet curse our company, our work, our team, etc.

Love what you do my friends……money will eventually follow if you have the passion for what you do!!!